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Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Social Outreach is a social media marketing and management company built on adaptability and efficiency. Our unique, strategic based marketing solutions help our partners embrace their social media transformation while maximizing their profitability.

Business Meeting


At Social Outreach, we are committed to presenting unique, strategic-based solutions that resolve many of the challenges that exist for companies at all levels. After years of exposure to social media, we believe our joint success relies on hard work, trust, and collaboration. Let’s transform a partnership into a friendship for years to come.

Our Promise


Provide our partners with a relationship built with transparency, trust, and optimism.


Deliver and produce quality content for wide audiences, and ultimately to maximize efficiency. 


Our Team


Sahil Phadnis

Chief Executive Officer

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Sahil Phadnis, founder of Social Outreach LLC, is a proud Charlotte native with a love for entrepreneurship, a passion for social media, and an enthusiasm to meet new people. Sahil is 17 years old and currently attends Cox Mill High School. Throughout Sahil’s high school experience, he has consistently proven his capabilities as a leader, founding over 5 clubs as well as starting a sector of an international non-profit organization, Bye-Bye Plastic Bags. When Sahil isn’t working diligently on his academics, he also has a part-time job, helping to build his communication skills. Being an avid user of social media his entire life, Sahil recognizes what does and doesn’t work, gaining insight in social media marketing and management. With his experience in leadership, communications, and knowledge of the social media industry, Sahil has proven himself more than capable to run Social Outreach.

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Emory Lyda

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

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Emory Lyda is the current Vice-President of Marketing and Communications at Social Outreach, which he co-founded. Emory is a senior at Cox Mill High School, where he is an active participant and leader in several clubs. Beyond school, his track record is excellent for someone only 17 years of age. Lyda has worked with for nearly two years to provide quality coverage of Texas Tech athletics, including being a lead-analyst for the 2019 basketball team that went to the Final 4. Additionally, he has worked as a communications director for a local chapter of an international non-profit, created a football highlights page that received over 100,000 cumulative views, provided analytic-based driver coaching to several local racing drivers, and been a national-level karting driver himself, racking up numerous wins and podiums at prestigious races. In his free time, Lyda enjoys watching racing, watching and scouting college basketball players, and being active on a variety of social media platforms.

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Nawfal Mohamed

Research & Data Analyst

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Nawfal Mohamed is a ​Research and Data Analyst at Social Outreach LLC. He is currently 17 years old and is a senior at Cox Mill High School. Nawfal is an active participant in all of his classes and follows this trend in his extracurriculars. Nawfal loves to help his community, with a passion towards the Muslim Community Center of Charlotte. Through such events, Nawfal has acquired leadership skills that he is sure have impacted him for the rest of his life. Nawfal also works in the tutoring department at Best Brains, in which he helps students flourish to their full potential. In his free time, Nawfal enjoys listening to music, watching movies and anime, helping the community, and hanging out with his friends. 

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Althaf Salavudeen

Digital Content Creator

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Althaf Hussain Salavudeen is the Lead Digital Content Creator at Social Outreach LLC. He is currently a junior at Cox Mill High School. Althaf is involved in many school clubs, such as Model UN, where he holds an officer position. He loves to give back to the community through volunteering with school clubs and the Muslim Community Center. Since middle school, Althaf has had a passion for editing videos, building experience through various projects. He will be bringing these skills to create effective social media posts for your company. In his spare time, Althaf  enjoys working on personal video projects as well as socializing with friends.

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Vivek Booshan

Research & Data Analyst

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Vivek Booshan is the Research & Data Lead at Social Outreach LLC. He has fluent knowledge in Python/NumPy, SQL and Octave data analysis, and intermediate knowledge in C# and Javascript. Vivek handles larger data sets and CSV files and if needed, can use learning algorithms to optimize functions. He has some front-end knowledge and can work on rudimentary XML and JSON. Using Facebook Pixels and Audience Insights, Vivek manages the curation of specification of target demographics and the most optimized locations to post social media content.

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 Veronica Van Dorn

Digital Content Creator

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Veronica Van Dorn is a Digital Content Creator at Social Outreach LLC, working directly with the rest of the Social Outreach team to create videos and promotional content for Social Outreach’s clients. As a senior at Cox Mill High School, Veronica has worked hard to maintain a stellar record as well as contribute to her local community through various clubs, such as Key Club, where she serves as the club’s webmaster. Veronica has worked hard to build a portfolio of personal projects, which she works on in her free time. After Veronica graduates, she wants to attend film school, specializing in post-production, and hopes to become an editor. In her free time, Veronica likes to watch (and rewatch) the television shows that often inspire her personal projects.

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Nithin Nallapati

Vice President of Operations

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Nithin Nallapati is the current Vice-President of Operations at Social Outreach. He is a great communicator and interfaces with the clients. He identifies customer needs and responds accordingly. He has great problem-solving skills and a knack for handling customer inquiries and complaints. Nithin is a sophomore at Cox Mill High School and he is always passionate about giving back to the community through clubs and volunteering at hospitals. He is an active volunteer at Breast Cancer Hub (BCH, a non-profit organization) as a youth ambassador participating in community outreach activities. He is also the founder and president of the "TechBytes" club at high school. In his free time, he loves to play tennis and make new connections. 

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